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Butter Me Up Organics

Amazonite and wood mala with crystal and long tassel necklace

$ 65.00

They say your mala chooses you. I believe that. I've created this series with each mala having a specific intent and energy. These malas are made with real stone and real wood beads on a silk string. They are 10mm large beads and the necklace is 23.5 " which will hang somewhere above your navel. There are 108 beads for prayer or intention. The guru bead is a czech crystal inside a gold plated icosahedron. The wood beads are untreated pine and rosewood. The stone beads are amazonite topped with two quartz crystals on each side.

Amazonite is believed to heal trauma and soothe stress both emotionally and physically. This stone is most closely associated with the heart and throat chakra. It balances both the male and female energies helping you become more centered and allowing you to see both sides of an issue. It calms the brain and nervous system. It inspires truth, clarity and self love.

Clear Quartz inspires clarity, calm and a cleansing of the energy so as to start anew. It is knows as the "master healer" and amplifies the abilities of other stones. It cleanses the soul and creates harmony with the soul and mind.

All of our malas are hand strung with intention and love and are one of a kind. Is this your mala?

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