Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor Blades - 5 count

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- 5 blades in each box.

- Each blade individually wrapped.

- Made from high-quality stainless steel.

- Blades fit all double edge safety razors.


The benefits of a safety razor?

Safety razors are great looking razors that are a perfect fit for your bathroom, as well as providing you with an amazing clean shave. The efficient razor blades that come with these razors are made with high-quality stainless steel so that you be sure of an efficient shave every time. Once a blade is no longer effective, you can use one of the other five blades that are included with the razor. After this, you can buy these stainless steel double edge safety razor blades, so that you can carry on having an eco-friendly shave.

How often should you replace a blade in a safety razor?

It's recommended that you replace the blade in your safety razor every 3-5 shaves if you want your shave to continue being clean. These blades for safety razors can be used with a WowE lifestyle safety razor, or any other double edge safety razor that you choose to use. Each pack of blades contains 20 blades, with 5 blades in each box. This means that you are guaranteed a great shave for several months.


Because recycling facilities process everything by hand you cannot recycle the razor blades in your recycling bin at home. It is best to buy a razor bank to store the used blades until you collect enough to take them to your local recycling center so they can process them properly. As a last resort, you can put them in your curbside waste bin.

Safety Razor Directions:

- Apply your favorite shaving cream
- Keep the razor at a 30-degree angle
- Apply very little pressure letting the weight of the razor do the work for you
- Shave in small short strokes rinsing the razor after each stroke
- Make sure to be careful in certain problem areas.  That can be the jawline, below and above the lip, around the knee, and any other contoured or sensitive region
To keep a clean shave it is recommended to change razor blades every 3-5 shaves