Butter Me Up Organics FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


What is your processing time?

Items typically ship out 1-3 days from purchase. We do not ship out on weekends. 


Where are your products made?

All of our items are made small batch at our studio in Livermore, Ca. We make everything ourselves and do not outsource anything. We package, label and ship each one of your orders!


Is there a shelf life?

Yes! We have no synthetic ingredients at all which means no endocrine disruptors and so carcinogens (yay!). We are working on adding a shelf life note on each item listing but a general rule of thumb is 3-6 months. Items like toothpastes and salves have a much longer shelf life of 1-2 years. 


Do your products contain artificial fragrance?

Absolutely not! We do not use any synthetic anything in our items- especially "fragrance." Our items are scented with therapeutic organic essential oils only. Our items are not strong in scent. 


What is zero waste?

We have been zero waste since our inception in 2008 which means we are 100% conscious of our waste in every sense of the word. We buy in bulk, we buy sustainably and as local as possible. All of our packaging is glass, metal and paperboard, we reuse or recycle all of the bottles our oils/butters come in, our labels are on recycled paper with soy inks and printed locally, even our office furniture is upcycled! Our printer paper is the most eco friendly available. We use no excess packaging and all of our shipping boxes/envelopes are 100% recycled and recyclable. We don't take any of our usage choices lightly at all. 


Are you certified organic?

We have not applied to get everything certified (because it's so expensive and we are a small business) but we are so particular about all of our ingredients. We use the best, purest and certified ingredients. We ensure that all of our ingredients are pure, unrefined, cruelty free and fair trade. We choose to partner with companies that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We try and buy straight from the farmers as much as possible so that we can trace items back to the growers. 


Are you cruelty free?

Absolutely! We could never run a business that hurt the animals or environment in any way. We ensure that all of our suppliers are cruelty free as well. 


Why are your items packaged in glass? 

Plastic is the plague of our nation and we refuse to contribute to the destruction of the oceans. All of our packaging is at least 30% post recycled material and is reusable, recyclable and ecofriendly. Our lids are metal and reusable/recyclable as well. 


Why are my products hard in the winter/soft in the summer?

We don't use any synthetic ingredients at all. No synthetic stabilizers, no synthetic preservatives. Anything with coconut oil in it will be hard at temperatures below 76 degrees and gets harder the cooler it gets. A hot water bath for an item will soften it right up! 

 That being said, hot weather is tough on natural products. We can't control temperatures during shipment so if your item is shipping during the summer months, pop it in the fridge for about 20 minutes when you first get it. It helps it to set and will be fine in normal temperatures. 


Are there any hidden ingredients?

Absolutely not! We disclose each ingredient used and you will never find any fillers or hidden ingredients. 


Do you have any discounts or sales?

We do have sales from time to time. We aim to keep our prices as low as possible all year long so that everyone can enjoy organic. 


I have a discount code, how do I use it? 


If you signed up for our email list and received a discount code, SIGN IN to the website via the black tab and you'll have the option of applying your discount to the purchase. You must be signed in to use it. 


How do I use my points?

You must be signed into the website. Sign in on the left dropdown and points will be available at checkout. We also have a rewards banner at the bottom of the page that will give you your code for checkout as well. 




How are my items packaged?

We are zero waste and have no excess packaging. All of our shipping materials are 100% post recycled material and kraft. We ship as minimally as possible. 


My order says "preshipment" even though I was sent a shipping notification with tracking. 

Unfortunately, USPS sometimes does not scan items upon receiving them and it will say "preshipment" and not update tracking until item is delivered. If you received a shipping notification rest assured that your item did indeed ship that day. This has especially been a problem during Covid. 


International orders and duty fees.

Duty fees are imposed by your home country, and we have no idea if and when they will be required or how much they will be. Please be aware that this is a possibility and that we have no control over it. 

My tracking says "delivered" but I never received it.

Please contact your local post office for GPS coordinates. Sometimes items were misdelivered to a neighbor or similar address. If item was delivered and is no longer there, it may have been stolen. It is imperative that you have a safe place for delivery. You can file a police report if you feel that the item was stolen. 

 Every once in a while an item says "delivered" and will be delivered in the next day or so. I do not know why the post office does this. I have noticed that this mainly happens during the holiday season when the post office is overwhelmed with packages. 



Do you offer wholesale? 

Absolutely! We have a wholesale application here on the site but if you have any questions at all please feel free to email at jillian@buttermeuporgaincs.com.


Do you offer white label?

Not at this time.