Natural Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss with Refillable Stainless Steel Metal Container

Butter Me Up Organics

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  • 100% biodegradable dental floss made from natural silk, natural candelilla wax, and natural mint.
  • Our silk is sustainably harvested.  
  • Each box contains a stainless steel container and three refills.
  • Each refill is 33 yards long.
  • Each refill will last 1 person roughly 2 months
  • Built-in floss cutter in the container.
  • Plastic-free packaging.

Why choose eco-friendly dental floss?

Dental floss that contains nylons and plastics may be good for your teeth, but it's bad for the environment. The waste from this floss builds up and is harmful to the planet. It makes sense to choose a dental floss that is environmentally friendly. Doing so means that you can keep your teeth and gums healthy, by flossing each day, while protecting the world around you.

The benefits of nature-friendly dental floss

This eco-friendly dental floss is made from natural peace silk, natural candelilla wax, and natural mint. This means that it's 100% biodegradable. There is no danger of this dental floss causing damage to the planet. It provides exactly the same excellent dental care experience as any plastic floss. It also comes in a stainless steel container that lasts a lifetime. Many other floss products come in plastic containers that are not eco-friendly. The specially designed stainless steel container is easy to carry with you if you are traveling. If you decide to buy this eco-friendly silk floss, you can fill the container with more refills, once you have used the originals. Click here for more information about a 5 pack of refills.


Peace Silk

The demand for silk isn’t going anywhere, and though animal rights activists and environmental activists have called for silk manufacturers to find a better way, global efforts have been minimal. In the early 90s, however, a method for harvesting silk that does not harm the silkworm began to be developed.

Convinced that the deaths of billions of caterpillars could not be worth the price of this beautiful fabric, silk producers began to show interest in developing a new method of harvesting. Thus began the production of peace silk. Peace silk is exactly the same as regular silk, the only difference being that no caterpillars were harmed during its making. Rather than boiling intact cocoons containing caterpillars, peace silk producers wait until the moths reach full maturity and naturally break out of their cocoons.

During the escape, the cocoons sustain damage, reducing the amount of usable silk derived from each cocoon. As the moths are allowed to age to full maturity, the production of peace silk also takes slightly longer than regular silk production. With a slightly lower yield and a longer production time, some naysayers believe that peace silk simply isn’t worth it. For many others, the chance to save the lives of billions of silkworm moths is well worth the trouble.

At Wowe, we believe environmental conservation and humane practices are the keys to improving the state of the world. As the best eco-friendly alternative to nylon, silk could help us reduce global plastic waste and pollution. By choosing peace silk for our dental floss, we are not only helping our customers to use less plastic and reduce their waste but increasing demand for ethically sourced products, increasing awareness, and reducing our own environmental impacts.