I waited a few weeks to review because I had really bad acne, I used to buy store products but of course, chemicals didn't work, I took my sisters route and decided to try natural, I looked up which had the best reviews and saw this one, nothing synthetic, all natural. I've been putting it on for these past weeks and my face has really cleaned up! 11/10 I will most definitely buy from ButterMeUpOrganics again! Thank you so much!



I've been using this for the past few days and this stuff is amazing. No burns, no breakouts or rashes, no white cast at all, and a very neutral scent. Perfect for us sensitive types. And a little goes a long way. I used about a pea size and it covered my face and neck. At first it seems shiny but then it sinks in and you're left with a dewy finish. Love this stuff. I wish there was a BB cream version of it. Definitely a repurchase.


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I bought these for a gift for my granddaughter to help her sleep better through the night. So far her mom really likes it.

Allison Scanlon
Magnesium Lotion

This is a great, quality product. I use it before bed with just a little under the bottom of my feet. I noticed the effects of calmness, sleepy etc right away. 2 weeks in and I sleep like a baby.

Barbara Oprea
Game changer!

I love the magnesium butter! I am 68 years old and have suffered from insomnia for decades. I’ve tried so many concoctions of supplements, sleep hygiene protocols, meds, etc. Including magnesium supplements…
It’s only been a couple of weeks, but somehow I find myself falling asleep very easily! In addition to the benefits of magnesium, the nightly ritual of massaging the oil onto my feet seems to set me up for a relaxing wind down time.
My sleep is improved, and my feet have never looked better!
I’m a very satisfied customer!


I purchased this product because I was suffering with restless legs and not sleeping..
it’s wonderful it works .. its helped me every night I have used it. I will be buying more products from this site.

Tish Keener
Love. Love. Love.

Smooth. Rich. Creamy. I sleep like a baby when I use it on my feet.